Callan English on-line – aprenda ingles rápido

Callan English  online is the fast way to learn English.  It uses the Callan Direct Method , which has succcessfully been used to learn English for many years.

Central Point in Torrent is one of the few language schools to offer the Callan Method for teaching both English and Spanish.  Since the lock-down, classes for adults and children are now available  on-line.  So now you can be anywhere and join in a class.


The Callan method is almost 100% oral.  It’s based on question and answer, with lots of repetition to reinforce the learning.  The emphasis is on pronounciation, and in no time at all, you will be able to make yourself understood. Callan English on-line is the fast way to learn English.

The First Class is Free

Please send complete the Contact form, to join in.

Click Callan Method  to see the Callan website that explains more, wiht videos and sample pages.

Here are some examples of Callan questions and the answers

Stage 1
  • Are you standing on the floor?
  • No I’m not standing on the floor, I’m sitting on the chair

Contractions are introduced from day one!

Stage 2
  • What’s a window made of?
  • The window’s made of glass
Stage 4
  • Is the River Thames as long as the Nile?
  • No, the River Thames is not as long as the Nile , it’s shorter than the Nile
Stage 5
  • If you won a million pounds, what would you do with it?
  • If I won a million pounds, I would ….   take a long vacation
Stage 6
  • Do you think governments generally have too much power?
  • Yes, I think governments generally have too much power
  • Or No, I don’t think governments generally have too much power

The questions for kids are of course quite different.