Changing a lock

Changing a lock is very easy, provided you can open the door.  So if you have an old front door lock that is becoming a problem, change the barrel before it stops working altogether.

Unsrew the central bolt that holds the barrel in place.

A barrel lock

Then slide the barrel out.  If it won’t slide out, insert the key and twist until the catch lines up and the barrel comes free.  You don’t need to unscrew anything else, unless the door handle mechanism has worn out and needs replacing.

New barrels come in all sizes.  So best to take the old one to the hardware shop.

Graphite powder eases a lock

If a key becomes difficult to turn, or a new barrel refuses to turn,  you can solve the problem with graphite powder.  Squirt a little on the key and slide the key in,  then turn it left and right.

Graphite powder
Graphite powder eases a lock

Graphite will only release an old lock for a while.  So best to replace the barrel before it seizes up altogether.


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