Negotiator / Translator Services

Negotiator / Interpreter services are provided by Livevalencia manager, Marcela Mattenet.

After almost 20 years in Valencia, Marcela negotiates for her clients,  arranging viewings, dealing with agents,  negotiating price, helping with banks, medical insurance, residency papers, driving licences etc.   You can find possible houses on the Internet, and Marcela can check that they are still available and set up viewings for when you are here.

TRANSLATOR SERVICE – Marcela is bi-lingual in Spanish and English and provides a translation and interpretation services from sorting residency papers, appointments, legal appointment, visit to a doctor, make an insurance claim, talk to the administrators of your building etc.

LEGAL TRANSLATIONS – Many of the processes in Spain require legal/sworn translations. Marcela and her team can get this done for you quickly and economically.