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Ambient Control in Valencia

Valencia is a great place to live, but humidity, air and water quality can be a problem.  The humidity makes it colder in the winter and hotter in the summer, while clean air and water are essential for our well being.

Air Quality

Air quality in Valencia is not as bad as in some cities, thanks to the proximity of the sea.  But on a bad day in the summer, from afar, you can see the city shrouded in an almost yellow vapour.   Breathing city air is akin to smoking 10+ cigarettes a day, and is not good for you (understatement).

Valencia air pollution
city air pollution

The best way to combat this in the home, is to install a good quality HEPA filter fan.  You may need more than one.  A HEPA filter will eliminate 99% + particles in the air and give you relatively clean air when you are at home.

HEPA filter fans
HEPA filter fans

A thought about protection against COVID19.  It is NOT an air borne viruses.  It is a microscopic virus that attaches itself to water droplets, ie as in a mucus cough.   So the only time a mask could be useful is, when you are close to other people.  Even then, a mask will only  stop the virus entering via your mouth and nose.  Your eyes are still vulnerable.

There is no benefit in wearing a mask, if you are walking in an empty street.  On the contrary, a mask will reduce the ozygen intake, which will compromise your immune system.

So if you are out and about, DON’T wear a mask.  Rather carry it, just in case a policeman comes into sight.  If you see someone walking without a mask, show solidarity and take your mask off.

Covid Protection

This may be hard to believe but there is a Cure for Covid in the form of Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) , not to be confused with bleach that is not to be drunk in any circumstances.  Click  official CDS website to see www.andreaskalcker.com,  or visit my blog for links to videos of doctors supporting the use of CDS.


If you have an air conditioning unit, the dry setting is good to reduce humidity  and make it more comfortable.

If you don´t  have A/C in a bedroom which suffers from damp, a portable dehumidifier is a relatively cheap way to reduce the problem.

dehumidifier solves problem of an exterior wall with damp

when you buy a dehumidifier, check for noise level (decibelios)  and water capacity. A 3 litre collector is optimum.


In the summer, direct sunlight can make a room unbearably hot, A built in rolling blind (persiana) can help, but leaves the room in darkness.  Also persianas are often plastic that does not block the heat as well as other materials.

A external roll down awning  (toldo) is one solution.  Another is the typical slatted rolling blind (mosquitera alicantina).  The slats should be wooden for best insulation

Mosquitera Alicantina
Mosquitera Alicantina

A Ceiling fan in the bedroom also makes a big difference.


If you have a thin exterior wall between you and the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter, you should consider insulating the wall.

Accoustic / Thermal Insulation
Accoustic / Thermal Insulation

For best sound and temperature insulation,  you must insist on top quality felt insulation.  If you leave it to the builders, they will put in the cheapest.

If you are on the top floor or have noisy neighbours above, ceiling insulation is an option.  It will make the room warmer in  the winter and not so hot in the summer.

Water Quality

Tap water in Valencia and the mediterrenean seaboard is very hard.  Limescale is the principal problem.  There are also more nitrates in the water than found in other areas.  Finally chlorine is needed to keep the water bug free, that leaves the water with a bitter taste, especially if it has had to pass through old pipes in an old building.

A good carbon filter will make the water taste better.

Brita carbon filter

Hard limescale is precipitated when there is a change of pressure or temperature, and attaches itself to the walls of the pipes.  A layer of limescale in the pipes reduces water pressure and causes problems with gas water heaters that require a good flow to ignite.  Limescale also builds up on the electrodes of water heaters, increasing the cost of heating water and shortening the life of the water heater.  It also shortens the useful life of washing machines and electric kettles.

Electronic Water Conditioners

To combat limescale, we recommend the Hydroflow electronic water conditioner.  Hydroflow uses sine waves, that are not to be confused with the much less effective  electro-magnetic signals generated by regular electronic solutions.

sine wave vs electro-magnets
sine wave vs electro-magnets

For more information on Hydroflow and how to buy it, please visit www.aguaeco.com, which is devoted to ecological water conditioners.

Salt based water softeners

We do not recommend salt based water softeners.  They prevent limescale, but do not remove existing limescale.  The softened water causes corrosion.  Worse still, the water from the tap has a nasty taste. To cap it all, you have a bulky unit that needs to be refilled with salt regularly.

salt softener

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis (osmosis inversa) fitted under the kitchen sink is a good way to get water free of chlorine and minerals.  It will taste better; but it may be devoid of healthy minerals  like calcium that we need, and you will have the ongoing cost of replacement filters.   If you decide to go for Reverse Osmosis, it is important to get a direct flow system  with a remineralising filter.  If it is not direct flow, you will lose 30%+ water.  Remineralization will make the water good for you.  But if you are short of space, a Brita filter will do the job, especially if it is combined with a Hydroflow

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