Tomatina in late August

There were thousands of people on the streets on Buñol for the Tomatina 2019.  What a day to remember.

Tomatina 2019
Tomatina Tips

Here are some tips to get the best out of it. 

  • Get your ticket on-line ticket from the official website . When you get to Buñol, go to the point of entry on your ticket to swap it for a wrist band (pulsera). Don´t join a random queue like we did.
  • If you are driving, aim to get there around 9am, to find a parking and to give you time to swap your ticket . 
  • Go to the toilet first & don’t drink too much.  The bars shut their doors and did not allow anyone to use the bathrooms! 
  • Take a pouch for the stuff you want to take in.  Bigger bags have to be left in a store room at 3 euros each.
Peter with swim goggles and hat and ear plugs
  • Find a spot on the Tomatina road on the lower side (the river side), on the corner of a side street.   We got in a good spot  by chance.  So when the lorries come by with the tomatoes there is somewhere for people to go.
  • When it comes to an end, you can slip down the side street and head for the river ,  where there is a long line of good open showers .  ‘Para el rio?’ asked to anyone local will get you there.  You can also wash in the river, which means that the queue for the showers is quite short.  Best to wash off the tomatoes before they dry!  Much better than letting a local to hose you down.
  • If you are driving, watch out.  In the road back to Valencia, Guardia Civil was giving every driver an alcohol test.  Fortunately I was in the clear.

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